Microsoft Teams: About To Launch Translation Tools For Mobile

Microsoft Teams has developed this updated feature that allows you to translate a word by just tapping on it. This feature has enabled the users to communicate with people all over the world without any complications.

Microsoft Teams has worked hard to make communication across the globe an easy process by introducing this translation feature in mobile phones.

New Translation Aids For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has used this Redmond tech to get a road map that helps you to inform about Microsoft’s upcoming work and the latest announcements.

These announcements include information about the feature about to be launched and the expected date of releasing a particular feature.

Microsoft has broken the features into two, out of which one is for the teams, and the other one is equivalent to iOS.

Microsoft stated that “Teams has come up with this new feature that lets users change the message in their preferred language and then reply to it“.

To translate any message, hold the channel post or reply and then click on Translate. It would automatically convert the language as per your understanding.

It is expected that this feature would be launched in Microsoft Teams by July 2021, and users will soon experience translating texts on mobile phones.

Easy Communication Through Microsoft Teams

Such organizations that are multilingual often need to communicate to different peoples out of the countries, and there are language barriers that usually create complications.

Microsoft Teams has worked hard to create a platform that has eliminated this barrier through your mobile phone and has created communication an easy process.

This feature will significantly change the translation market as significant communication barriers can be removed through mobile phones.

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