Initial Sales Of iPhone 12 Well-Performed; iPhone 11 Despite Delays

The post lockdown world has affected the tech industry a lot in which most of the companies are shutting down. In this time of Pandemic, the iPhone has launched iphone 12 which has massive sales, more than iPhone 11, and people were interested in buying the iPhone 12.

Apple previously expected the number of devices sold. Still, Apple has stopped this practice and just calculated the average number of sales generated, and even though this aspect, iPhone 12 has performed well, which has given a boost to Apple sales.

Previously when the iPhone 11 was launched, the number of people buying iPhone 11 in the first quarter compared with the number of people interested in iPhone 12 in the first quarter of 2021.

All of the iPhone 12 devices, including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro max, have given a massive boost to the sales of Apple.

Overcoming The Time Lost

If we look at the facts and figures, then iPhone 11 was launched in September 2019, when the iPhone launches its mobile every year. But if we look at the iPhone 12 pro and pro max, it was launched at the end of October and the people waiting for the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 had to wait until mid-November.

The iPhone 12 was a bit delayed because of the pandemic effect, but soon it launched, which has brought a remarkable boost in Apple sales.

It clearly defines that Apple has less time to get into people’s minds while launching the iPhone 12. It has been observed that “Compared from quarter one sales of iPhone 11, iPhone 12 has enhanced the Apple sales.

iPhone 11 installed for quarter 1 2020 was 15%, whereas the total iPhone 12 installed for quarter 1 2021 was 16%. Even though the iPhone 12 was launched one month later, it has still grabbed people’s attention with the variants it has offered.

How Did iPhone 12 Become Great

Usually, people were desperately waiting for iPhone 12 because of the shape. The previous redesign has attracted consumers from the day its expected shape was launched. Furthermore, an improved camera, updated processor, 5G connectivity, and flattered sides grabbed people’s attention.

Although it is not confirmed yet which feature has grabbed the most attention of the people, 5G was an innovation for people that has enhanced the connective of mobile phones.

The second most crucial factor would be the shape which has been redesigned from the previous iPhone.The only aspect that Apple needs to enhance is the battery timing and power, which will keep the boost of sales for iPhone 13.

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