Google Assistant: What’s On My Screen Feature Is Back

If you are an older user of Google Assistant, you might remember that it allows you to ask “What’s on my screen“, but soon, this feature vanished. It is expected that Google Assistant will launch this feature back.

What does “What’s on my screen” Means?

During the Apk teardown, it was noted by XDA developers that google might relaunch this feature. The developers crack google’s Apk and find out the hidden features.Although this is not always the truth, it is expected.

Through this feature, you can also get on which application or feature Google is working on, enabling the Developers to know the upcoming advancement for Google.

Basically, “What’s on my screen” provides more detailed information on which you are working currently. For example, it allows you to provide better information about the song you were previously listening to.

The Apk teardown information is not always the truth. It finds out the future features that might be launched or might not. There are a few more advancements which Google is about to make in terms of adding commands. Whenever you add a command, it saves it for next time, which is helpful for the users.

This “What’s on my screen” updated version will come up with a new “My Actions” window. However, this section is not launched yet, and few advancements in it are in progress. It is expected that this window will allow you to display commands automatically without saying a word.

What’s On My Screen: Would Be Launched Soon?

This feature would be launched soon for Google Assistant users and works without saying anything, making it an effortless application. It is expected that it might come with these advancements.

Moreover, you can also lock or unlock your phone through your voice. Once Google Assistant recognizes your voice, then you can unlock your phone through your voice.

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