Chrome 91 Has Launched New Features For Android

Recently Google has updated Chrome 91 with many new features for all operating systems, including Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. This update is generally for Android users, while the other ones might face some complications.

Loading Websites With Better Visuals Through Chrome 91

Recently it was updated that Google has now enhanced the Chrome 91 features in several manners. The forms displayed on chrome 91 would not be not much outdated. Not just this, Microsoft has also redesigned checkboxes, radio buttons, and HTML forms through which using chrome for Android has become much easier.

They have also enhanced the design and colour theme that includes a bright blue and white combination.

Secondly, a feature has been included as developer tools that optimize the battery and allow the applications to use less battery and fewer resources while reducing the loading time.

The next update needs to be implemented through a website using a CSS file. It is the Find In option that allows the user to view the hidden text.Chrome 91 has also included a feature of automatically adding the OTP that shows an increased efficiency.

OPT would be automatically updated through cross-origin iframes. Developers have included this feature in the website, and this would now be available through banks anytime.

In the previous times when the developers had to access the Gravity through an accelerometer, which sometimes provides an inaccurate reading, Chrome 91 has now come up with Gravity Sensor API, which records the Gravity automatically.

Clipboard Access On Desktop

Chrome 91 updates are not only for mobile phone users but it has also been enhanced in desktop. Chrome directly reads the files which are on the clipboard. It is a linking the to software chrome 91 and clipboard.

However, a feature like this was already introduced in Safari 2018, most of the devices use chrome, and this feature has been launched by chrome now.

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