Listening to music offline is a typical thing youngsters and travellers do on any device, with the songs downloaded on your device lag-free and ad-free. And we provide you with the best instructions with steps to take that. Learn how to convert and download videos from YouTube to M4A with our platform. You can also find Convertidor Mp3 option on same website where you were going to covert YouTube to M4a.

The MPEG-4 Audio file format, commonly identified by its file extension M4A, is an audio format into which content is encoded with the Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) or the Enhanced Audio Coding codec (AAC).


● Find the YouTube video you need to convert.
● Open the video you want to convert and copy the URL link of that video at the top of the page from the address box.
● Go to any Third-party application that offers YouTube to M4a or Convertisseur Mp3 YouTube.
● Paste the copied URL on the URL field in the middle of the page of the third-party service.
● Select the file format to M4A between the list of formats available.
● Click the “Convert” option to start converting the video.
● Once the conversion is completed, click on the “Download” option to get the file on your device for offline listening.

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Microsoft Teams has developed this updated feature that allows you to translate a word by just tapping on it. This feature has enabled the users to communicate with people all over the world without any complications.

Microsoft Teams has worked hard to make communication across the globe an easy process by introducing this translation feature in mobile phones.

New Translation Aids For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has used this Redmond tech to get a road map that helps you to inform about Microsoft’s upcoming work and the latest announcements.

These announcements include information about the feature about to be launched and the expected date of releasing a particular feature.

Microsoft has broken the features into two, out of which one is for the teams, and the other one is equivalent to iOS.

Microsoft stated that “Teams has come up with this new feature that lets users change the message in their preferred language and then reply to it“.

To translate any message, hold the channel post or reply and then click on Translate. It would automatically convert the language as per your understanding.

It is expected that this feature would be launched in Microsoft Teams by July 2021, and users will soon experience translating texts on mobile phones.

Easy Communication Through Microsoft Teams

Such organizations that are multilingual often need to communicate to different peoples out of the countries, and there are language barriers that usually create complications.

Microsoft Teams has worked hard to create a platform that has eliminated this barrier through your mobile phone and has created communication an easy process.

This feature will significantly change the translation market as significant communication barriers can be removed through mobile phones.

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  1. Microsoft’s Team will now feature in-line message translation for IOS and Android devices
  2. Microsoft Teams Now Has Message Translation On Smartphones
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It is essential to download a single mod at one time that could efficiently deal with all the enhancements in your games, as too many mods may slow down the speed of your desktop.

KSP mods come with a lot of its version, but the best Kerbal Engineer Redux mod enhances your game features a lot.

These are the following steps which are used to install a KSP mod;

1. As soon as you find the mod you need, download it, which will come in the zip folder.
2. Find the KSP mod folder on your PC.
3. As soon as you find the KSP mod folder, open the game data.
4. Drag the mod file to the game data folder.
5. That is all, as next time you open a kerbal space program, your mod will open through it,

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The post lockdown world has affected the tech industry a lot in which most of the companies are shutting down. In this time of Pandemic, the iPhone has launched iphone 12 which has massive sales, more than iPhone 11, and people were interested in buying the iPhone 12.

Apple previously expected the number of devices sold. Still, Apple has stopped this practice and just calculated the average number of sales generated, and even though this aspect, iPhone 12 has performed well, which has given a boost to Apple sales.

Previously when the iPhone 11 was launched, the number of people buying iPhone 11 in the first quarter compared with the number of people interested in iPhone 12 in the first quarter of 2021.

All of the iPhone 12 devices, including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro max, have given a massive boost to the sales of Apple.

Overcoming The Time Lost

If we look at the facts and figures, then iPhone 11 was launched in September 2019, when the iPhone launches its mobile every year. But if we look at the iPhone 12 pro and pro max, it was launched at the end of October and the people waiting for the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 had to wait until mid-November.

The iPhone 12 was a bit delayed because of the pandemic effect, but soon it launched, which has brought a remarkable boost in Apple sales.

It clearly defines that Apple has less time to get into people’s minds while launching the iPhone 12. It has been observed that “Compared from quarter one sales of iPhone 11, iPhone 12 has enhanced the Apple sales.

iPhone 11 installed for quarter 1 2020 was 15%, whereas the total iPhone 12 installed for quarter 1 2021 was 16%. Even though the iPhone 12 was launched one month later, it has still grabbed people’s attention with the variants it has offered.

How Did iPhone 12 Become Great

Usually, people were desperately waiting for iPhone 12 because of the shape. The previous redesign has attracted consumers from the day its expected shape was launched. Furthermore, an improved camera, updated processor, 5G connectivity, and flattered sides grabbed people’s attention.

Although it is not confirmed yet which feature has grabbed the most attention of the people, 5G was an innovation for people that has enhanced the connective of mobile phones.

The second most crucial factor would be the shape which has been redesigned from the previous iPhone.The only aspect that Apple needs to enhance is the battery timing and power, which will keep the boost of sales for iPhone 13.

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  2. how Apple iPhone 12 may see lower sales this year due to production delays?
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If you are an older user of Google Assistant, you might remember that it allows you to ask “What’s on my screen“, but soon, this feature vanished. It is expected that Google Assistant will launch this feature back.

What does “What’s on my screen” Means?

During the Apk teardown, it was noted by XDA developers that google might relaunch this feature. The developers crack google’s Apk and find out the hidden features.Although this is not always the truth, it is expected.

Through this feature, you can also get on which application or feature Google is working on, enabling the Developers to know the upcoming advancement for Google.

Basically, “What’s on my screen” provides more detailed information on which you are working currently. For example, it allows you to provide better information about the song you were previously listening to.

The Apk teardown information is not always the truth. It finds out the future features that might be launched or might not. There are a few more advancements which Google is about to make in terms of adding commands. Whenever you add a command, it saves it for next time, which is helpful for the users.

This “What’s on my screen” updated version will come up with a new “My Actions” window. However, this section is not launched yet, and few advancements in it are in progress. It is expected that this window will allow you to display commands automatically without saying a word.

What’s On My Screen: Would Be Launched Soon?

This feature would be launched soon for Google Assistant users and works without saying anything, making it an effortless application. It is expected that it might come with these advancements.

Moreover, you can also lock or unlock your phone through your voice. Once Google Assistant recognizes your voice, then you can unlock your phone through your voice.

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  1. How to master your Android assistant?
  2. 5 new ways Google Assistant can make the day a little easier
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Recently Google has updated Chrome 91 with many new features for all operating systems, including Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. This update is generally for Android users, while the other ones might face some complications.

Loading Websites With Better Visuals Through Chrome 91

Recently it was updated that Google has now enhanced the Chrome 91 features in several manners. The forms displayed on chrome 91 would not be not much outdated. Not just this, Microsoft has also redesigned checkboxes, radio buttons, and HTML forms through which using chrome for Android has become much easier.

They have also enhanced the design and colour theme that includes a bright blue and white combination.

Secondly, a feature has been included as developer tools that optimize the battery and allow the applications to use less battery and fewer resources while reducing the loading time.

The next update needs to be implemented through a website using a CSS file. It is the Find In option that allows the user to view the hidden text.Chrome 91 has also included a feature of automatically adding the OTP that shows an increased efficiency.

OPT would be automatically updated through cross-origin iframes. Developers have included this feature in the website, and this would now be available through banks anytime.

In the previous times when the developers had to access the Gravity through an accelerometer, which sometimes provides an inaccurate reading, Chrome 91 has now come up with Gravity Sensor API, which records the Gravity automatically.

Clipboard Access On Desktop

Chrome 91 updates are not only for mobile phone users but it has also been enhanced in desktop. Chrome directly reads the files which are on the clipboard. It is a linking the to software chrome 91 and clipboard.

However, a feature like this was already introduced in Safari 2018, most of the devices use chrome, and this feature has been launched by chrome now.

Useful Resources:

  1. Google Chrome 91 will bring clipboard support for desktop apps, new form controls UX on Android
  2. Google Chrome 91 Update Will Auto-Load Sites in Dark Mode, Copy-Paste Files Directly to Emails
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Hotmail is one of the oldest email service providers. Yes, older than as well. It is owned by Microsoft. First, the service was launched as MSN Hotmail which later was renamed to Windows Live Mail and now it is present as

Hotmail/Outlook is your key to all things Microsoft. If you have one Hotmail login/Live/Outlook account then you can connect to all Microsoft services including Windows, Xbox, Office, OneDrive, Skype, Bing, Microsoft Edge, etc. is a free email service but has some ads included in the free service. If you want to experience an ad-free environment, then you can always opt for its premium Microsoft365 services. Hotmail/Outlook’s ad-supported service includes a free email and calendar service, security features like spam and malware filtering, and has a storage facility of 15GB for the mailbox. You can also use the Android and iOS apps for free, however, the Microsoft Office apps have their web versions only in the free service.

But do not lose any hope. You can always choose the Microsoft 365 Personal for $69.99/year or Microsoft 365 Family, $99.99 / year, for up to 6 people to get the premium Hotmail/Outlook Features. This includes the premium versions of Microsoft Office apps and includes storage of 50GB for Mailbox and 1TB for OneDrive which truly amazing. The premium service is completely ad-free and has premium support.

The Hotmail login/Outlook account is your way into the Microsoft World. Starting from sync across all Windows devices to one place for all your files on the OneDrive Cloud, the cloud-mail service keeps you in control of your communication and devices. You can connect your PCs and Laptops with Windows with your Microsoft account and even sync your phone with it. You can also make your Gaming profile and connect your Xbox with your Hotmail/Outlook account and keep it simple instead of having multiple email services for managing all your things.

Hotmail/Outlook also allows you to make aliases. In this way, you can present different email addresses to different people/places and still manage to get all your communication messages in one place.

So, what are you waiting for? Start with the free version and simply visit the Hotmail/Outlook website and get yourself a new email. Start with the free version and check it out for yourself what you can get for free from Microsoft by just having a Hotmail account, from Personal utility apps to Business apps to all the new games. It fulfills all your needs and keeps you connected with the world.

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Every movie or season lover wants to enjoy their free time and especially weekend in watching their favorite show. They like to kick their tensions and work frustrations asides by watching their favorite TV serials or movies, as it cheers them up.

So, they subscribe to many high ranked media services like Netflix to watch their favorite shows. But many people don’t want to pay and enjoy these services, what can they do? can’t they enjoy these services free of cost? Of course, they can there are many other websites that provide similar content without any cost like couch tuner. 

Couchtuner is a website that shows the contents of different famous websites like HBO, THE CW, CNN, and many different famous websites without any cost. The question is why we should pay a subscription on other sites if we can access them free.

The answer is they show contents free as they are not hosting any contents, they are showing pirated contents for the users how are unable to pay. The main focus of this website is TV shows. They have a huge US audience base, so the usually show American seasons.

As we know couchtuner is not a legal website so due to copy write issues it is closed down and divided to different subdomains and is still working this way. 

But if you don’t want to use couchtuner but also not want to pay subscription fee then we can suggest some alternatives:

  1. Spacemov
  2. Couchtuner
  3. FMovies
  4. xMovies8
  5. M4uFree
  6. YesMovies
  7. Gledalica
  8. Netflix
  9. Putlocker
  10. SolarMovies

1: Spacemov

Spacemov is a very popular website and has a vast variety of entertainment contents of all genres. This website is a perfect substitute for couchtuner as you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies without paying any subscription fee. A simple registration will lead you to a vast variety of trending movies.

You can give reviews, rate movies after a simple registration process and on top of that, you don’t have to give any personal information for registration. It has a very simple and easy website, but if you want to use this alternative activity your ad blocker will make your search safe and you will not be annoyed by unnecessary ads. This website is also a pirated website.

2: GoGoAnime

If you are a season or drama lover, you can’t wait to watch the next episode of your favorite show. Then this website is perfect for you as it shows new episodes of your favorite after a few minutes of their release and the good news is that you don’t have to pay even a single penny.

They have new and old episodes of almost all famous and worth watching TV shows arranged in alphabetic order for your convenience and you can also directly reach your favorite TV show by using the search bar. They also have an active forum feature that allows you to communicate with old members and receive a warm welcome.

3: PutLocker

Putlocker is a very famous website that leads you towards your famous TV shows and if you are unable to find your desired movie or show no need to feel disappointed as they provide mirror links and you can watch your show there. If you are a fan of different foreign media like India, Korea, Japan and similar other than this website is a heaven for you as you can find all famous dramas, movies or their links at this website without any cost. This website is also plagiarized.

4: MrPiracy (

Are you a fan of movies and can’t wait to watch them? You pay to theaters to watch the latest movies instantly? If you are doing this then there is no need to waste your money on theater tickets as you can watch them at home without any cost at Mr Piracy just by creating a free user account, that makes your search safe and you can enjoy your movie at home in your desired screen resolution.

5: M4uFree (

If you are not a fan of registration on the website or hesitate to make online user accounts. Then this website is the best choice for you as they provide free streaming services by which you can watch your desired TV show and movie without any delay.

They have a very easy user interface they have arranged their movies and shows in yearly order and genres so you can reach your favorite show without any hassle. This website is also plagiarized and solely working for your entertainment. 

6: AZ Movies

This website is very organized and user-friendly. If you are a fan of old movies and shows and can’t find them then this is the best platform for you can even find 1915s Charlie Chaplin there. This website is also very popular due to its HD content of newly released movies and shows. If you like to watch high-quality contents then this is your thing. This website is not completely pirated as they are not violating copyright laws themselves.

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